Mosaic Art
Have you taken a closer look at the various forms of mosaic art around you? If not, read all about the beautiful intricacies of mosaic art and how you can make one such artwork at home

Mosaic art, like any other form of art, has its own appeal. This technique when combined with the skills of the artist can be used to create beautiful works of art. Mosaic art is not just limited to the creation of paintings. Mosaic art forms have been used in different ways since the olden days. The beauty of mosaic patterns and designs is something that cannot be described with mere words.

What is Mosaic Art?
A look at any piece of art that involves the use of the mosaic style will indicate a different technique that is employed in this form. A mosaic artist requires ample skill and patience to create the artwork. An artist has to place together small pieces of material for the main artwork. This can be done after the design is finalized and the outlines have been drawn. The artist has the freedom to place the pieces in any way to create designs that range from the simple to the complex kinds. The materials used can be varied, from pieces of glass, pebbles to tiny pieces of tiles and colored stone. Mosaic art is versatile and can be done on a variety of surfaces.

The presence of mosaic art can be seen since the early days. Artists have used this method that dates back to as far as 2600 BC. This was the time when stone and pebbles were used to create the basic artwork. The earliest evidences thus reveal that mosaic art was used as floor coverings and even to embellish homes. The Christian basilicas stand testimony to the beauty of mosaic art. In the 4th century, these basilicas employed the use of wall and ceiling mosaic patterns.

Mosaic as an art form received due recognition only during the Byzantine period. Between 6th to 15th centuries, this art form flourished and it could be seen on major buildings that belong to the Byzantine Empire. Artists used intricate patterns that depicted plant life, animals, geometrical shapes and even humans in larger-than-life proportions. During the Roman Period, it is believed that the walls of every house were decorated with mosaic art.

In the modern times, mosaic art is used not only as a decoration for the walls and floors, it is seen on pottery, furniture, medallions, windowpanes, archways, etc. Vibrant colors are employed to achieve a contrasting effect for the interiors. Today, mosaic art enjoys an important position in interior decoration. It can be used for creative as well as for religious themes.

How to use mosaic art in your interiors
The beauty of mosaic art makes it a must to include it in the interiors. However, not all of us can afford such works of art. For all lovers of the mosaic art, here are some easy steps to make one at home. Use these steps to decorate your furniture.

You will need
Colored wall tiles, mirror or glass
Mastic adhesive
Grout sealant
Safety glasses
Pieces of cloth to wrap the tiles

As all other forms of art, you will need to draw the pattern on paper. Once you decide upon the outline, draw it on the furniture with the help of a marker. Now, you need to wrap a tile or mirror in a cloth. This tile or mirror should be broken into small pieces with the help of a hammer. While breaking the tile, you need to wear the safety glasses and gloves.

Now, you have to use the pieces for the outline of the design. The pieces should fit each other slightly. Once you have decided upon the placement of the pieces, use the mastic to secure the tile.

The rest of the broken tile or glass pieces can be used to fill up the insides of the design. The way you place the pieces is important. For this you need to use contrasting colors. You can break the pieces to create interesting shapes as well.

Once you decide upon the placing, use the mastic to fix every piece. Press the piece gently to secure it further. Now, you need to grout the pattern. (Grout is a material that is used to fill voids and connect sections particularly between tiles.) Gently remove any excess grout. Allow it to dry for 24 hours. Apply grout sealant over the entire design. (Grout sealant is used over dried grout because it protects it from water and acid-based solutions.)

The captivating beauty of mosaic art still continues to mesmerize art lovers all over.
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